i’m just another crazy indian/
well piss off pedestrian, you’re not livin the life i’m in/
pick up your colonial hatred/
so sorry to tell you but that agenda is dated/
fck your ideals, i guess the message is belated/
i don’t have time to listen to the words you spit as you whine/
the way they break the air and the way they waste time/
stop telling me i need to think about the future/
cuz i’ll tell you that i know it’s bleak and to this i don’t even have to be mature/
just sit with that or instead maybe go smoke some manure/
sorry, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today?/
well, kiss my ass cuz with that attitude you’re not gonna be able to get away/
sit back, zone out, watch the clouds play/
the imprint of the oppression in your mind is something that i don’t need to hunt for to find/
my ancestors already understood what happened as soon as your presence graced their land and their territory/
just don’t tell me you’re version, i know it’s some made up story/
but what can i do, it’s all a white man’s history/
fck you little shts with your books and your racist looks/
trust me, i’m aware of the fact it’s not just land you took/
like i said before, kiss my ass before i kick you out the fckin door/
smile and laugh all you want, do you think this is a joke?/
well go back to your pipe and have another toke/
while you’re watching your bills stack i’m thinking about how i’d/ like to see your neck crack/
watch the eyes slide back, say goodbye to heaven/
because life after death isn’t something you can sell at a 7-11/
colonialist empires weaken at their knees cuz they can’t meet people’s needs/
save your own soul, plant some seeds/
perhaps the seeds of happines and understanding/
not ones of a foolish government set on annihilated and racist masterplanning/
say goodbye to the days when my own death would have vanished in the blink of a cop siren haze/
wake up buttercup, these are no longer those days/