i know that you think that im spittin these rhymes

cuz im young and im done and can just find the time

but i want to correct, not reject those designs

with my own mental plans and my own realigns

it seems your idea of youth has been flawed

by those who taught you when were this old

cuz i know that the world that we live in is cold

and that somethings never change no matter when they are told

so just sit back and relax

and stop talking that smack

when i know you can think what’s true instead of what’s whack

just smile your smile and sit back and relax

cuz where im gonna take you you might want to keep track

of those weights on your back

that now seem so light

but by the end of the night

im sure that what you carry ain’t gonna seem so right

cuz in my world the road is governed by fight or flight

not so much by whether what i do is right

cuz nobody’s gonna listen if your punch dont have might

i know that your minds been travelling

and that you been unravelling

but in reality all you’re really doin is marvelling

at how fast the world around you is marbling

maybe it’s cuz you’re falling

maybe it’s cuz you’re drowning

maybe it’s cuz you’re going

i don’t where you been

i only notice the state that you’re in

the space that you win

every time you take another step is it just another fuckin whim

where life goes by in the blink of an eye

and really all we should do is watch the movement of the skies

while every second someone dies

i don’t understand why that’s such a surprise

the world isn’t dominated by a sun that can set and rise

more to come…. later ;D